Codesign with Youth in Kosovo

Working with Kosovar university students and the UN in Kosovo, we used codesign methods to address youth engagement.


Local youth from Gjilan at the "Dialogue Cinema"
Local youth from Gjilan at the “Dialogue Cinema”

To address youth disenfranchisement and test the use of codesign methods for development projects, we collaborated with the United Nations in Kosovo and students from the University of Pristina for a 4 months long codesign project consisting of three week-long visits to Pristina, Kosovo.

We employed explorative codesign methods like city walks, exchange of photos from everyday life and workshops to explore the concept of youth engagement. The project culminated in a dialogue cinema, in which we presented 5 short documentaries about concrete examples of youth engagement for more than 100 young Kosovar students in a makeshift cinema, leading to a discussion of youth engagement afterwards.

The final product of the project was a collection of recommendations, method examples and concrete stories of youth engagement for the UNKT to use in a larger joint youth programme, “YouAct”, which is currently ongoing. The collection exists both as a physical kit and a website.

The experiences and stories from the project were collected in a kit for the UN to use.
The experiences and stories from the project were collected in a kit for the UN to use.

The project currently serves as inspiration and guideline for the “YouAct” programme at UNKT. Several of the students from the collaboration have continued working with the UN in this project.

The project was featured in the design magazine Novum as an example of a project from the Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Design.